Animals & Nature Emoji

Various animal & nature related emoji

🐶 dog face🐱 cat face🐭 mouse face🐹 hamster face🐰 rabbit face🐻 bear face🐼 panda face🐨 koala🐯 tiger face🐮 cow face🐷 pig face🐽 pig nose🐸 frog face🐙 octopus🐵 monkey face🙈 see-no-evil monkey🙉 hear-no-evil monkey🙊 speak-no-evil monkey🐒 monkey🐔 chicken🐧 penguin🐦 bird🐤 baby chick🐣 hatching chick🐥 front-facing baby chick🐺 wolf face🐗 boar🐴 horse face🐝 honeybee🐛 bug🐌 snail🐞 lady beetle🐜 ant🕷 spider🐍 snake🐢 turtle🐠 tropical fish🐟 fish🐡 blowfish🐬 dolphin🐳 spouting whale🐋 whale🐊 crocodile🐆 leopard🐅 tiger🐃 water buffalo🐂 ox🐄 cow🐪 dromedary camel🐫 bactrian camel🐘 elephant🐐 goat🐏 ram🐑 sheep🐎 horse🐖 pig🐀 rat🐁 mouse🐓 rooster🕊 dove of peace🐕 dog🐩 poodle🐈 cat🐇 rabbit🐿 chipmunk🐾 paw prints🐉 dragon🐲 dragon face🌵 cactus🎄 christmas tree🌲 evergreen tree🌳 deciduous tree🌴 palm tree🌱 seedling🌿 herb shamrock🍀 four leaf clover🎍 pine decoration🎋 tanabata tree🍃 leaf fluttering in wind🍂 fallen leaf🍁 maple leaf🌾 ear of rice🌺 hibiscus🌻 sunflower🌹 rose🌷 tulip🌼 blossom🌸 cherry blossom💐 bouquet🍄 mushroom🌰 chestnut🎃 jack-o-lantern🐚 spiral shell🕸 spider web🌎 earth globe americas🌍 earth globe europe-africa🌏 earth globe asia-australia🌕 full moon symbol🌖 waning gibbous moon symbol🌗 last quarter moon symbol🌘 waning crescent moon symbol🌑 new moon symbol🌒 waxing crescent moon symbol🌓 first quarter moon symbol🌔 waxing gibbous moon symbol🌚 new moon with face🌝 full moon with face🌛 first quarter moon with face🌜 last quarter moon with face🌞 sun with face🌙 crescent moon white medium star🌟 glowing star💫 dizzy symbol sparkles comet black sun with rays🌤 white sun with small cloud sun behind cloud🌥 white sun behind cloud🌦 white sun behind cloud with rain cloud🌧 cloud with rain thunder cloud and rain🌩 cloud with lightning high voltage sign🔥 fire💥 collision symbol snowflake🌨 cloud with snow snowman snowman without snow🌬 wind blowing face💨 dash symbol🌪 cloud with tornado🌫 fog umbrella umbrella with rain drops💧 droplet💦 splashing sweat symbol🌊 water wave🦅 eagle🦆 duck🦇 bat🦈 shark🦉 owl🦊 fox face🦋 butterfly🦌 deer🦍 gorilla🦎 lizard🦏 rhinoceros🥀 wilted flower🦐 shrimp🦑 squid