Objects & Media Emoji

Various media related emoji

watch📱 mobile phone📲 mobile phone with rightwards arrow at left💻 personal computer keyboard🖥 desktop computer🖨 printer🖱 three button mouse🖲 trackball🕹 joystick🗜 compression💽 minidisc💾 floppy disk💿 optical disc📀 dvd📼 videocassette📷 camera📸 camera with flash📹 video camera🎥 movie camera📽 film projector🎞 film frames📞 telephone receiver black telephone📟 pager📠 fax machine📺 television📻 radio🎙 studio microphone🎚 level slider🎛 control knobs stopwatch timer clock alarm clock🕰 mantlepiece clock hourglass with flowing sand hourglass📡 satellite antenna🔋 battery🔌 electric plug💡 electric light bulb🔦 electric torch🕯 candle🗑 wastebasket🛢 oil drum💸 money with wings💵 banknote with dollar sign💴 banknote with yen sign💶 banknote with euro sign💷 banknote with pound sign💰 money bag💳 credit card💎 gem stone scales🔧 wrench🔨 hammer hammer and pick🛠 hammer and wrench pick🔩 nut and bolt gear chains🔫 pistol💣 bomb🔪 hocho🗡 dagger knife crossed swords🛡 shield🚬 smoking symbol skull and crossbones coffin funeral urn🏺 amphora🔮 crystal ball📿 prayer beads💈 barber pole alembic🔭 telescope🔬 microscope🕳 hole💊 pill💉 syringe🌡 thermometer🏷 label🔖 bookmark🚽 toilet🚿 shower🛁 bathtub🔑 key🗝 old key🛋 couch and lamp🛌 sleeping accommodation🛏 bed🚪 door🛎 bellhop bell🖼 frame with picture🗺 world map umbrella on ground🗿 moyai🛍 shopping bags🎈 balloon🎏 carp streamer🎀 ribbon🎁 wrapped present🎊 confetti ball🎉 party popper🎎 japanese dolls🎐 wind chime🎌 crossed flags🏮 izakaya lantern envelope📩 envelope with downwards arrow above📨 incoming envelope📧 e-mail symbol💌 love letter📮 postbox📪 closed mailbox with lowered flag📫 closed mailbox with raised flag📬 open mailbox with raised flag📭 open mailbox with lowered flag📦 package📯 postal horn📥 inbox tray📤 outbox tray📜 scroll📃 page with curl📑 bookmark tabs📊 bar chart📈 chart with upwards trend📉 chart with downwards trend📄 page facing up📅 calendar📆 tear-off calendar🗓 spiral calendar pad📇 card index🗃 card file box🗳 ballot box with ballot🗄 file cabinet📋 clipboard🗒 spiral note pad📁 file folder📂 open file folder🗂 card index dividers🗞 rolled-up newspaper📰 newspaper📓 notebook📕 closed book📗 green book📘 blue book📙 orange book📔 notebook with decorative cover📒 ledger📚 books📖 open book🔗 link symbol📎 paperclip🖇 linked paperclips black scissors📐 triangular ruler📏 straight ruler📌 pushpin📍 round pushpin🚩 triangular flag on post🏳 waving white flag🏴 waving black flag🔐 closed lock with key🔒 lock🔓 open lock🔏 lock with ink pen🖊 lower left ballpoint pen🖋 lower left fountain pen black nib📝 memo pencil🖍 lower left crayon🖌 lower left paintbrush🔍 left-pointing magnifying glass🔎 right-pointing magnifying glass🛒 shopping trolley