Travel & Places Emoji

Various travel & place related emoji

🚗 automobile🚕 taxi🚙 recreational vehicle🚌 bus🚎 trolleybus🏎 racing car🚓 police car🚑 ambulance🚒 fire engine🚐 minibus🚚 delivery truck🚛 articulated lorry🚜 tractor🏍 racing motorcycle🚲 bicycle🚨 police cars revolving light🚔 oncoming police car🚍 oncoming bus🚘 oncoming automobile🚖 oncoming taxi🚡 aerial tramway🚠 mountain cableway🚟 suspension railway🚃 railway car🚋 tram car🚝 monorail🚄 high-speed train🚅 high-speed train with bullet nose🚈 light rail🚞 mountain railway🚂 steam locomotive🚆 train🚇 metro🚊 tram🚉 station🚁 helicopter🛩 small airplane airplane🛫 airplane departure🛬 airplane arriving sailboat🛥 motorboat🚤 speedboat ferry🛳 passenger ship🚀 rocket🛰 satellite💺 seat anchor🚧 construction sign fuel pump🚏 bus stop🚦 vertical traffic light🚥 horizontal traffic light🏁 chequered flag🚢 ship🎡 ferris wheel🎢 roller coaster🎠 carousel horse🏗 building construction🌁 foggy🗼 tokyo tower🏭 factory fountain🎑 moon viewing ceremony mountain🏔 snow capped mountain🗻 mount fuji🌋 volcano🗾 silhouette of japan🏕 camping tent🏞 national park🛣 motorway🛤 railway track🌅 sunrise🌄 sunrise over mountains🏜 desert🏖 beach with umbrella🏝 desert island🌇 sunset over buildings🌆 cityscape at dusk🏙 cityscape🌃 night with stars🌉 bridge at night🌌 milky way🌠 shooting star🎇 firework sparkler🎆 fireworks🌈 rainbow🏘 house buildings🏰 european castle🏯 japanese castle🏟 stadium🗽 statue of liberty🏠 house building🏡 house with garden🏚 derelict house building🏢 office building🏬 department store🏣 japanese post office🏤 european post office🏥 hospital🏦 bank🏨 hotel🏪 convenience store🏫 school🏩 love hotel💒 wedding🏛 classical building🛴 scooter🛵 motor scooter🛶 canoe